What to see around Agra, India?

Recently I have decided to have a trip to Asia. My first destination was India. And unbelievably I fall in love with Agra. This city was awesome. I've tried to write a brief about my trip and I started with Agra. I was wondering if sharing it with you, would be a good idea. 

· Taj Mahal

This White Marble Mausoleum combines elements from Islamic, Persian, Ottoman & Indian architectural art. You can experiment with Love, beauty, death and unparalleled elegance in this monument which has been built in order of Emperor Sha Jahan in honor of her beloved wife as an immortal reminder of eternal Love.

· Agra Fort

It has been served as a mighty fort for the Akbar, the early Mughal ruler and later, Sha Jahan used his favorite building material to turn this fort into a palace. It is a melange of red sandstone and white marble, and a wide moot is circling it.

· Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is a small town which has been built in 16 century under the rule of Akbar and later it has been abandoned and now became a tourist attraction in Agra. It left an impression on us by its 40 different buildings including Akbar personal airy, multi-story palace particularly striking. Also, he treated each of his wives to their own palace.

· Mughal Gardens

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Wiered Iranian Custom

One of my interests is finding out cultures of other nations. Today I was searching about wiered cultures in different countries and finally, I face with Iranian wired cultures. Whereas I want to travel to Iran someday, I clicked on the link and started to read the article. It was for me.

Some of them were really funny. For example, Parents calling their children ‘mom and dad’. At first, I didn't get the point of the sentence but when I went through the text I got its meant. It means that when a mother wants to call her son says, "Alex Maman please come here". I got that is a way of showing their affection to their children. 

Another interesting culture was that they have something which is called SOOR. It means that when someone buys a new car or house, or maybe when get married, offer his friend to a dinner or lunch. It is really exciting for me and I DO LOVE IT :)).

There were some more and interesting somehow. I suggest you follow this below link and read more by yourself. It was a new experience for me!